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April Devotions
  1. No Other Gods
  2. No Idols
  3. Don't Misuse God's Name
  4. Remember the Sabbath
  5. Honor Your Father & Mother
  6. Don't Murder
  7. Don't Commit Adultery
  8. Don't Steal
  9. Don't Lie
  10. Don't Covet
  11. The Law Reveals Sin
  12. All Have Broken the Law
  13. Pray for Understanding of the Law
  14. Pray for the Power to Keep the Law
  15. The Law Requires Perfection
  16. The Law is Holy, Just, & Good
  17. Obedience of the Heart
  18. Jesus Fulfilled the Law
  19. The Law is Absolute and Ongoing
  20. No Justification by the Law
  21. The Law Brings Wrath
  22. Obedience is Love
  23. Law on Our Hearts
  24. Free from Bondage
  25. Free from the Curse
  26. Jesus Abolished the Law
  27. Believers are Dead to the Law
  28. Christians Live by the Law
  29. Love is Law
  30. The Final Word
Psalm 119:34-35

Give me understanding, and I will keep your law
and obey it with all my heart.

Direct me in the path of your commands,
for there I find delight.

April 14

Pray for the Power to Keep the Law

In Psalm 119 we are told to pray for understanding of the law.  Later in the psalm we are also told to ask for guidance to keep the law.

We can't keep the law to perfection.  This is why it was necessary for Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.  But just because we can't achieve perfection it doesn't mean that we should give up on trying to live a holy life.

There are benefits to following the law apart from the fact that God gave us the commands.  The rules that God handed to us are meant for our own good.  There are consequences to sin beyond getting caught and punished.  God gave us laws because He loves us and wants to protect us.

For this reason, we ought to pray for help to keep God's laws.  God gave us the Holy Spirit and we should call upon Him as much as possible for help.  The Holy Spirit gives us understanding of the law.  He points us in the right direction when we don't know which is the proper way.  And the Spirit also gives us the strength to fight the temptation to sin.

We have the world, the flesh, and the devil all working against us, trying to cause us to sin.  Fortunately we have the Holy Spirit on our side to help us keep the law.

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